Park Avenue Candles Story

In 1986, our family bought a fifty year old retail candle store.

Voids in the candle industry were recognized as we were consistently asked for oversized, unscented pillars. In an attempt to fill these needs, we began hand pouring these candles in the garage for churches, restaurants, hotels and designers. It was soon realized the need was in the national market as well.

Thus, Park Avenue Candles was born.

The goal was to manufacture a large pillar that would burn both beautifully and properly, while being price competitive. It was not long before Park Avenue Candles grew into a permanent facility, developing sophisticated systems for candle production. Over the years, business ventures have led the company to projects that have produced dramatic sizes up to 12 inches in diameter and 60 inches in height.

Today, quality, hand poured candles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes are offered to the general market. In addition, Park Avenue Candles has offered a valuable service to companies seeking a candle manufacturer capable of producing fine candles under their label or taking their vision to the shelves of stores.
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