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Please answer all that apply.  This questionnaire will better help us give you a price quote for the development or redesign of your existing website.


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How did you hear about GARKIM Inc Web Design?

Why do you want a website or have the current site redesigned?

What does your business do?

What sets you apart from your competition?

Does your business solve problems
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Who are the customers or clients that are going to visit your website?

Are you wanting your visitors to be able to do anything on your site or is it just information?

What kind of budget do you have for your project?

Is there a specific date whereby you want the project completed?

Do you have a long-term plan for your website?
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Who is going to update the website or be responsible for that task?
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Website Questions

If you currently have a website what do you like most about it and what do you like least about it?

What level of skill do you posses if you intend to update the website yourself?

Do you need any special requirements such as languages, easy reading, mobile version

What are the items you think are the most important about the website design or redesign

What are the items least important about the website design or redesign?

Do you have a specific color or Branding that is needed to be applied?

List a few websites that appeal to you to help better give us an idea of what you like or want.

Do you have Social Media accounts such as FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn integrated?

Additional Questions

Do you want to update the website yourself?
 Yes No

Does E-commerce need to be integrated or are you selling any products and accepting payments?
 Yes No

Do you have your Brand, Logo or other images website ready?
 Yes No

Do you want specific SEO Search Engine Optimization help such as registering the domain to search engine, Google Account, Analytics?
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Do you currently have website hosting and access via FTP or through the host Control Panel?
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Special Features Needed

Password protected pages
 Yes No

 Yes No

Forums or Bulletin Board
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 Yes No

Subscriptions for updates
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Email Marketing
 Yes No

YouTube or any other video
 Yes No

Image Galleries
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